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The the Zhaoyuan Leather City, Shandong Nan Bo Group to invest 400 million yuan to build again this year to invest 120 million yuan by leaps and bounds upgrading, as the vane to lead the domestic leather industry, which is Zhaoyuan City to promote the development of the tertiary service industry another important step. The fur industry as "soft gold", while the northerners is the largest fur demand and consumer groups. 2009 gold as the leading industry Zhaoyuan City, the service industry development lag this reality, the development of tertiary service industry as the most important task of the city's economy, the fur industry as a breakthrough development of leisure and shopping industry, and strong support for the leather City building and nurturing. In October 2009, a construction area of ​​120,000 square meters Zhaoyuan leather city officially opened. In two short years, the city of leather of business fast, and Nan Haining North Zhaoyuan two patterns formed in the fur sector and Zhejiang Haining Leather City, become the most influential and fastest-growing and most Leather professional market potential, known as "China Jiangbei Leather City". Two years for a store from scratch, and from there to large, a benchmark for professional Mall, this legend is based on what kind of soil to be founded? Shandong Nan Bo, chairman Pengdian Li said: two years more than 600 production of leather manufacturers settled in the the Zhaoyuan Leather City, the fundamental reason is that enterprises in response to the government to vigorously develop the tertiary industry's call at the same time, relying on local government the support to engage in large-scale operation, do high-end market, good faith, intended to do business, to create the Zhaoyuan 'soft gold' market to the spirit of mutual benefit, to rely on government support and love, rely on the idea of ​​innovation and development, relying on its own exploration and efforts, the Zhaoyuan leather city Zhaoyuan "soft gold" dream. Leather City business boom caused in Shandong Province to emulate, according to statistics, in 2010, there are more than 10 fur the city opened, Faced with the urgent need to re-shuffling of the situation of the leather market, Zhaoyuan City, boot leather city investment of 120 million yuan by leaps and bounds upgrading to fashion as the starting point to build China's top fur high-end stores, together with internationally renowned fur brand, the realization of goods brand, standardized management and service system, the quality of goods, shopping environment, level of service directed at a world-class, real leather fashion window. The Zhaoyuan leather City general manager Wen Guozheng upgrading the Zhaoyuan leather after the city became the country's pre-eminent ", a full range of hardware Billiton, cancellation of poor operation of the paved, shops and more than 600 from the previous transformation into the now nearly 400, all shop more clear, elegant, fashionable, elegant, using a single store brand new business model, the introduction of foreign well-known fur brand settled together to build a top fur high-end stores, It is understood that the mall since the opening of local jobs in 7200 and 32 000 indirect jobs, triggered the development of the Zhaoyuan tourism rapidly, driven by the catering, accommodation, shopping, entertainment and other tertiary service industry breakthrough , the Zhaoyuan urban functions and urban image this change from the industrial city into the ranks of the national excellent tourist city. 1-8 months of this year, Zhaoyuan City received a total of 1, authentic gucci bag.86 million foreign tourists trips, tourism revenue reached 3, gucci purses and handbags.2 billion yuan, compared with before the opening of the leather city, an increase of 82% and 91%. Wenguo Zheng told reporters, Zhaoyuan City is working to build the country's largest distribution center for fur sales, the formation of the breeding, production, processing and marketing in one of the fur industry chain, to create "Waldo" and "leather" two city ​​brand, leading fashion across from the "hard gold" rich "soft gold".