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Down or not is not clear the people brands of luxury goods tariff prices busy
"CHANEL prices, prices of the DIOR, LV prices, Shenma prices, luxury increasingly out of reach." Heard the message of luxury prices, a lot of friends "lament". Price adjustment from the Rolex last year July 1, 5%; the CELINE prices 200-1000 yuan; the CHANEL an increase of 20%; the DIOR headed product Lady Dior No. handbags, directly up to 4000 yuan, an increase of 16% ... Although the Commerce Department and Ministry of Finance is still on whether to reduce the luxury tariff disputes no less than in the capital a number of high-end shopping malls, luxury has been opened to competing prices posture. Because many of the luxury consumer, the recent price adjustment is certainly involved in the world, is also considered and tariffs. International Trade to stop sale "more than a month after another, better brands are up," Trade Mall PR staff told reporters, DIOR luxury leather goods from the May price adjustment, the classic "Lady Dior" trumpet original price 21500 yuan, 25,000 yuan at current prices; in the original price of 25,000 yuan, the price of 29,000 yuan, 4000 yuan helicopter. In addition, CELINE prices of 200-1000 yuan. The CARTIER counters rose gold half drill LOVE series "bracelet price of $ 7.6 million, compared with the price rises of about 6.4 million price of progress about 1.2 million, chanel 2011 handbags. Shin Kong Place, CHANEL "CLASSIC series of double-clad cover prices of $ 30,000, prices price of $ 3.75 million. It is said that the classic basic rose more than 20%. LV network also came prices message, uniform margin of 6%. A xuan champagne package price rose to 19,000 yuan from more than 16,000 yuan. LV's Speedy handbags stores price of 5500 yuan to 5800 yuan, an increase of more than 5%. The anxiety of leaving luxury fans Clearance activities are also cut. Trade Mall PR staff told reporters that fewer and fewer big brands now participate in the sale, the mall has been "stop sale activities. The price adjustment of less than six months, twice in fact, some luxury goods in 2011 has twice raised prices, and are within six months. As March LV20011 years has been in the overseas market prices, the uniform increase of 5%. Cartier sales staff also confirmed the price adjustment in the July 1, 2011, Cartier, price adjustment in the range of 8-20%. But as early as March 17, 2011, Cartier has been raised over a price increase of 5-10%. According to reporter understanding, luxury brands every year, twice raised the retail price, uniform increase of about 5%. And practices, some of the luxury price adjustment interval is short and Jinliang Cheng or look different usual. Luxury grab run tariff lowered the prices of luxury brands behavior, to coincide with the outflow of import tariffs will be reduced by the net rumors. Therefore, luxury goods major advances in the retail price of the industry as an international big shot ahead of the desire to maintain high-end image. Ouyang Kun, the World Luxury Association China chief representative, told the media, luxury goods in general will be in front of the new listed prices, but this price increase from the beginning continued to the present, do not rule out taking into account the tariff will drop, which may be a luxury a strategy of the brand. Industry are generally thought to lower import tariffs, the luxury brand's retail price is bound to have a more substantial downturn due to fears so will domestic brand to narrow the interval, lost to the brand's high-end, so luxury brands ranging from tax cuts first began to rise, and hope to make up for the import tariff reduction brought commodity prices down through price increases. Depreciation of the euro is one of the reasons. The World Luxury Association report released in Beijing on June 9 think that the depreciation of the euro will speed up the prices of luxury global brands of high-value image, in order to save, chanel 2011. In addition, the luxury prices emboldened was considered the rising cost of sales, from the Chinese luxury consumer force. Expected in 2012, the Chinese luxury goods will be increased to more than $ 14.6 billion, surpassing Japan as the world's largest consumer of luxury goods. Luxury goods every year price surge, the price has doubled in five years, a lot of brand. Some users take Dior's a package for example, six years ago, the price is 14,000 yuan, the price after the recent price adjustment of $ 2.5 million, up $ 1.1 million.