gucci discount in the earthquake or disease kills the childre

Tianjin held a charity tasting luxury brand full debut
April 6 "drink to forget who dug the well" luxury charity tasting will be offered in the Hexi District, North-South 1st Street (Cade MALL Tianjin Bay), activities will continue until April 9. The event is organized by Shanghai HNA Priority Club, I odd will be jointly organized. Including Hermes, GUCCI, the PRADA, BV, BURBERRY, COACH, ARMANI, MIUMIU achieve miraculous FENDI repeatedly, the BOSS, D, & G,, the LV, Estee Lauder and other international first-tier luxury brands will participate in charitable goods Kam will be category involves clothing, bags, perfume, skin care, 100 % authentic quality, price 4 fold. Luxury Charity Tasting aimed at luxury auction, charity in the form to raise money to fund the charity schools in the earthquake or disease kills the children of the parents or family labor, and poverty-stricken pastoralists children. "Boundless love" is the common belief of each HNA, as one of the organizers, HNA Priority Club converging through every little love love to help children realize their dreams. The event is the strong support of Yushu in Qinghai Province Connan Primary School, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Bohai lease, shipping Tianjin, Tianjin Airlines, daily express, Bohai prone Bohai remittance, Bohai factoring and other units, discount gucci bags.
Tianjin mall the suitcases sales gradually heated color luggage significant personality
Summer luggage sales of the major shopping malls, Tianjin is gradually heated, unlike in previous years, this summer, new listings bags to break the traditional bags of black, olive green and monotonous plain, more colorful, personalized full.
Tianjin Industrial and Commercial Bureau on 15 enterprises bags and other leather products to expand the quality monitoring
Trade and Industry Bureau detect brand table Tianjin Industrial and Commercial Bureau in circulation for a nominal four provinces of Guangdong, Zhejiang, Hebei, Shanghai, 15 batches of leather products production and distribution of the 15 municipalities to carry out quality monitoring, including a batch of friction color fastness unqualified. The monitoring found that failure leather products, the business sector subjects distribution units have been ordered to stop selling, and in accordance with the law were dealt with. Consumers found that operators continue to sell substandard leather products, please call 12315 to report, industry and commerce authorities will be severely punished according to law.
Tianjin Industrial and Commercial Bureau to carry out quality testing subjects leather products all the standards
Recently, Tianjin Industrial and Commercial Bureau in circulation to nominal five provinces of Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, Tianjin, Shanghai, production and distribution of the 20 municipalities of 20 batches of leather products to carry out quality monitoring results showed that subjects the quality of the goods in all qualified, gucci discount. It is understood that the basis for the GB limited edition leather and fur hazardous substances and product standards "leather belt," purse "back bag and commodities to express commitment to quality, focusing on detection of the goods free formaldehyde, biodegradable harmful aromatic amines dyes, material identification, quality and appearance, sewing requirements and other quality indicators. The results show that the seized leather products quality indicators through this monitoring.