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Good leather market for sales of exported shoes or warmer
Into May, although the industry is still in the doldrums, but the board room of the Chinese footwear industry - Guangzhou has quietly entered a new round of development of export development sandals, the domestic development of winter shoes. People in the industry understand that development is essential for the survival of the shoe, leather stalls for the same significance to the shoe factory development sample, designer leather stalls to buy the kind of leather, it means that the stalls in the second half of the business is rewarding, because the leather used in shoe factory development in which stalls to buy, to own bigger and goods, the preferred model for the purchase of leather stalls. "Recently, more customers to our stall to cut the template, the main domestic customers, but for export also began a little confidence the" Leehom leather manager Mr. Lin Zhiqiang said. The financial crisis reap the full blown global financial tsunami. Late last year, the export business of Guangzhou Shoes City is subject to the full impact of the Russian market to combat. Guangzhou Shoes City trading companies and stalls, Russia has been very large and strong market, but the financial crisis, the Russian national economy hit by the market demand is shrinking. Overall decline in the global economic situation, the overall market decline in demand, making the Chinese enterprises overcapacity situation is gradually exposed. From last September to the first half of this year, full-blown stage of market issues, mainly: First, the Guangzhou station west the high cost of land zone, there have been office buildings, stalls closed, the location is good stalls do not top hand The fee can not be rented out. Leather stalls overall decline in business, the original one month at least be able to sell the 50,000-foot skin stalls sales of less than 20,000 feet. Second, the domestic market also began to be affected by a drop in demand; leather prices began to fall, sheepskin and leather prices fell by an average of 1 yuan to 2 yuan / CF; Fourth part of the small market stall, the lack of new products, the loss of old customers seen new customers to come, a lot of leather forced to withdraw from the market. Buried by the financial crisis risks of an outbreak of the process, only when problems are exposed, the market turnaround will come. Leather material prices began to fall from September last year, the world market, cow, sheep Phi billet prices dropped significantly, up to a drop of more than 50%, however, in that leather prices will fall when the price of leather has been no loose , especially the domestic leather prices remain strong. Guangzhou market, cowhide, sheepskin prices began to adjust to the end of December last year, shrinking market demand, the average decline of about 0, gucci authentic handbags.5 yuan to 1 yuan per foot. The first half of this year, the price of leather to further adjust, especially foreign leather prices fell, the maximum decrease of 2 yuan / CF, thus affecting the pattern of domestic leather market. I recently visited Guangzhou leather markets found that the traditional shoe with leather, sheepskin prices loose, some of the stalls mouth, although there is no price reduction, but in fact to reduce the price by increasing the size and other methods. At the same time, the market part of the bad faith of fraud, Ming Although the price reduction, but in fact, lower prices at the same time, secretly yet the size of a standard lower, such as the original Paul 95 size, may now be only 90 size. From the current market supply and demand, the leather facing pressure to cut prices, mainly because of the lack of market demand, "the first half of this year, basically no new customers, some of the old customers rarely come, and now doing good business to do. market demand was not as good as in previous years, while the decline in the price of raw hides, finished leather in the second half of the price also face downward pressure. "Liu said of the Eastern leather. The special leather face greater pressure on the traditional upper leather is cowhide, sheepskin, as well as some special leather such as crocodile skin, snake skin, ostrich skin, skin, fur and other special leather. Special leather, with leather to use, to satisfy people's pursuit of personalized and aesthetic. For example, from 2005 to 2007 the active trading market snake skin, skin, crocodile skin, fur, and now basically quiet down. Foreign high-end alligator "We launched this year, sales are not ideal, many people ask, but a price and never looking back, and now the market for high value products, the ability to accept than in previous years, authentic gucci purses." Send leather Miss Liu said. I discovered that at the Guangzhou station west of the major leather markets visited mainly engaged in the skin, snake skin of the stalls has gone, operating fur stalls from 30 to home, now down to less than 10 home. Active development of winter shoes business in the first half of this year is disappointing, but from April onwards, the domestic sales fall and winter shoes, export sandals development has been in full swing. Guangzhou station west of the major shoe market, we see the flow of people is really different from the past, shoe factory in the early shuttle development materials in each shoe market to find developers, but it does not seem affected by how much impact. Shoe factories or traders, others can be temporarily put aside, but development must not be careless, the development also lost the most important chance of survival. "For now, though we sell a large cargo is not ideal, but the old customers come to us to sell leather to engage in development, but not much change, as well as many new clients come to us Shears." Eastern Leather Liu said the manager. "We are mainly engaged in high-grade leather men's casual, although the overall market situation is not very good, but the leather development efforts this year did not detract from, almost every month of the new model out, and now to us to cut the leather developers who need more than the end of last year. customers reflect them to traders that they develop more model and I think the second half of the business may pick up because the export almost fell to the bottom, there should be in the second half of rebound, although domestic growth is not fast, but still growing. "Leehom leather manager Mr. Lin Zhiqiang said.