Gao Xiaosong new respect not to shoot

Gold black and white from the House of Dereon dress - [guy laroche]
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Hangzhou couple before marriage, how to prepare! ! !
Jeon ling low-cut dress Zhuangshan elegant and charming the PK (Figure) - starting this blog
The selection of the groom dress according to the groom figure
Copyright: the form of hyperlinks indicate the original source and author information and this statement groom dress selected should exceed, to find a suitable own is the most critical, we must first face up to their body size, and then follow your own body to selected for their dress. High-large of course, is to wear what dress. However, the best-looking to wear a tuxedo, do not want the rare stature appropriate lifetime have the opportunity to wear a tuxedo a stylish groom. Dwarf is most suitable for the simple style of dress, single-breasted or pointed collar up dress is very fit, try to avoid the tuxedo, double-breasted or lapel of the dress, because the proportion of these dresses will make legs look shorter. Lean applications to come forward the material to do the dress, to cover the thin skeleton. Obese body fat than the groom, to avoid the round collar, angular collar would be more suitable. Try to choose the style is simple, dark single-breasted dress, remember not to wear double-breasted tuxedo, because the focus of the eyes of this type of dress is very easy on the stomach position. In addition, part of dress accessories such as a shirt or tie with, to dress the same color as the priority, or to contrast the color match, and so seems to be relatively young. Shoes and socks the color is also free when the emergence of uncoordinated with white shoes with dark socks. (From the article, Kawazu Good Life Network Web site:) Today in History: Beijing wedding location finder to 2010-11-11 wedding day guest 2010-11-11 Ten magic weapon to increase how to deal with married life happier - 11-11 selection of lovely wedding flower girl Raiders 2010-11-11 wedding preparations for the detailed schedule 2010-11-11
Europe and the United States star dress dress up the red carpet
Copyright: Reprinted form of hyperlinks to indicate the original source and author information and this statement, actress Leighton Meester wearing a Marc Jacobs dress, digital geometric print form three-dimensional sense of a space. Mila Kunis wearing a Alexander McQueen dress, rendering stamp to show the wild in the soft. Camilla Belle from head to toe wearing the Gucci Series 2011 spring and summer, hit the color mix and match very year YSL's style. Jennifer Lopez, wearing Gucci Series 2011 spring and summer, a black shirt with teal green skirt and a half to form a strong contrast of color. Teresa, Palmer, wearing the 2011 spring and summer Versus dress color stitching and elastic fabric cocktail dress quite sporty. Jessica Alba, wearing the 2011 spring and summer Atelier Versace chiffon dress, the pure blue of the lake to show a rational. Nicole Kidman wearing the 2011 spring and summer Gaultier Paris gown, decorative cake skirt highlights the sense of a jungle. Actress Rosamund Pike wearing a spring and summer 2011 Alexander McQueen dress, very eye-catching sense of being abstract printing. Florence Welch wearing the 2011 spring and summer of Givenchy Haute, swan embroidery collage to show the superior garment level. Actress Rosamund Pike wearing a dress Mary Katrantzou, such as dream-like space of overlapping digital printing is absolutely unique.
Wang Fei large S for the bride wearing a wedding ring purple bridesmaid dress to steal the spotlight (Figure)
Copyright: reproduced the form of hyperlinks to indicate the original source and author information and this statement dress Netease Entertainment March 22 reported that a large S, Wang went to the ceremony shed, for the bride and groom wearing a ring. A wedding scene S happiness tears Wang Fei considerate gentle wiping away his tears .. 2 S wedding a bridesmaid in the absence of Zhang cancel the best man .. 3 S Wedding throw the ball, "Gao Xiaosong new respect not to shoot .. 4 S Wang Fei The wedding guests in food exposure (.. 5 large S end of the wedding small S revealed the pregnancy or the name "Mei .. Zhang Ziyi microblogging" vest "exposure" of rare earth forces "satirical .. 7 Sun Li was suspected pregnancy hospital for check- Deng Chao accompanied .. 8 S Wang Fei today Sanya wedding review the big S, Wang .. 9 Photos: large S, Wang wedding full version of the whole big S into finished .. how to sell the dress? Dongguan Hao Lai Garment Co., Ltd., Founded in 1995, located in China's fashion capital - Humen Town, Dongguan, dress design, production, sales experience, has a stable annual sales and distribution channels. Wan Hao Lai Garment Co., Ltd. mainly engaged in : evening dress, evening gowns, wedding dresses, engagement dresses, wedding dress, bridal gown, bridesmaid dress, toast dresses, star dresses, the models dress, KTV dress, welcome Miss gown, party dresses, prom dresses, cocktail dress, social dress, dress with others, host dress, performances, dress, stage dress dress wholesale agents, custom the dress history today: the milk bottle incident lead to infant sexual precocity 2011-03-23 [Recommended]evening dresses ukwedding dresses evening dresses