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Chinese manufacturing are struggling to shrink precursor
Lighter factories in Wenzhou the Xingfeng Smoking Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Winfire), as the Ministry of Foreign Trade Manager Hannah Sun do not need to look at economic data, China's manufacturing industry is currently struggling. Earlier this year, a large customer abroad, taking into account the global economic uncertainty, not to the company under the new order, forcing this lighter factory has over 100 employees to lay off 40 to come. Hannah Sun said: "shoe situation is even worse this time in previous years, they are usually very busy season, but this year many shoe factories stop production altogether, many migrant workers are laid off, only to go home." A few million home the Xingfeng Smoking factories are subject to the costs continued to rise, labor shortages, margins and sharp drop in overseas orders and other factors fully extruded. Government to implement the policy, together with some demographic and economic factors is difficult to change, resulting in the low-end production is increasingly difficult to maintain, many small manufacturing companies to the point of no longer operating. November China's official Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) shows that this trend is national: the gross domestic product (GDP) accounted for about 50 percent of the manufacturing sector for nearly three years to the first contraction. From 51.4 in October fell to 49.0, released on Thursday November PMI fell below 50 the dividing line between expansion and contraction. New orders and new export orders index indicates that the situation will deteriorate, the factory has been in downsizing, reducing purchases of raw materials and production. Standard Chartered Bank (Standard Chartered) Greater China research director Stephen Green, Stephen Green, saying, "China's Purchasing Managers' Index clearly convey such a message: the Chinese manufacturing sector overall contraction is deepening. Manufacturing landslide, is the most obvious reason is the decline in global demand, especially in the troubled European economies, the decline in demand. Dongguan the Lok Kai Anji Leather Co., Ltd, gucci for sale. (Luca Angelo Leather Product), general manager Liu Daosong said David Liu, Yue Kai Anji exports to Europe fell as much as 40 percent in the last two months, in the domestic market, although the order conditions are good, but the cost is rising. Supplier requires immediate payment, which increases the financial cost, "said Liu Daosong. Bank is strict control of loans to SMEs, I have many of my friends are considering cuts. "Liu Daosong words highlighted in China's coastal manufacturing industry has been the" world factory "and famous with many low-tech products manufacturing enterprises are facing a series of long-term challenge. Orders continued to decline, many companies are faced with raw material prices, loans, and environmental compliance costs and rising labor costs and other issues. The Chinese government has consistently implement to promote the policies of the manufacturing sector climbed along the value chain, and vigorously to prevent the state-owned banking system lending to Xingfeng Smoking this small scale, low-tech manufacturers. However, the vast majority of manufacturing enterprises in China are still living in low-end industries such as textile and the like, rising costs and difficulty in obtaining loans led to the many manufacturing companies are slowly being stifled, rather than along the technology ladder to climb, .