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The DELSEY open tour of the century
Era door mall in Beijing on August 21, the historic luggage brand DELSEY launched a "peace of mind Ambassador activities of the Beijing Railway Station, and a grand launch of the unique ST security zipper patented technology. The DELSEY spokesman said that this event aims to promote its excellent products and unique production process and technology, and allow more users to have the products have many advantages to the majority of Chinese consumers. The industry believes that this action also means DELSEY China-centric marketing strategy has already started. It is understood that the DELSEY work together to build the brand by Delahaye and Seynhaeve brothers both sides founder was born in 1946. Over the years, DELSEY from the global fashion center in France has led the international trend of luggage products. From the first installation of the first in the box with two wheels and the first movable luggage compartment to the trunk of the PP material into the market, and then successfully removed the metal frame, and the launch of the new one piece of luggage products, DELSEY in innovation on the road never pause. China to enable consumers a clearer understanding of the unique advantages of its luggage products, the DELSEY not only the luggage product innovation achievements over the years with his right, but also a grand launch of its global proprietary ST security zipper technology (the ZIP SECURI TECH). The DELSEY side, the practical and aesthetic point of view, as well as meet and even exceed customers' desire to always adhere to the goal. A the DELSEY unique ST security zipper patented technology, for example, it ensures that the the DELSEY have other products do not have the security. The statistics show that in the event of zipper is not strong enough, the thief forced open the luggage, or even just an ordinary pen, you can easily open most of the luggage zipper. In view of this situation, and always will be to ensure the safety of consumers as their own responsibility DELSEY special ST security zipper patented technology into the production process of the bags. The zipper technology not only lightweight environmentally friendly materials, so that the zipper is more flexible, and unique security technology to eliminate the possibility of theft, to ensure the security worries of the journey. Not only that, add the ST security zipper bags in this innovative technology also does not give consumers cause too much incidental. An ownership of the technology bags about 70 cm price increase than the ordinary zipper dozens of yuan, gucci authentic bags. The zipper is just less than 100 grams of weight, making it not only in terms of cost and not a lot of the increase, but also makes the bags more lightweight and safe. The Delsey new conference, the vice president of China International Travel Service Co., Ltd, . Mr. Liu Wuxiong has been selected as the the Delsey Beijing Station of the "peace of mind Ambassador, Delsey also CITS strategic intention to cooperate to reach agreement The two sides will work together to provide consumers a safe and enjoyable travel experience.

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