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The leather of the "pseudo-foreign brands touted huge profits at play
Reporters visited the leather goods market, and indeed many companies brands are marked with foreign names, from the ease of the spread angle of Chinese and foreign brands, a foreign name from the understandable and necessary. However, no retroactive for the brand into the "foreign history", and sing false "foreign history" event in publicity by increased commodity prices, is a typical fraud. False foreign brands everywhere reporters in a renovated upscale shops readily pick up a handbag and found that the labels above are written throughout in English, there is not even a Chinese character, cost-effective RMB thousand dollars, sales staff insisted that, all around the store from France, raw materials, also from France. But according to the experience of reporters has long been engaged in the leather industry, leather goods are mostly sold in Guangzhou from the major production base in Guangdong Province. And truly international brand and will not be the same like the "fake foreign brand" secretive in order to strengthen the propaganda of international brand image, they will be marked in the two languages, such as Gucci, Armani, Louis Vuitton. Reporters from the Internet to a "trademark agent" When he learned that reporters do a leather goods business, and want to register an Italian trademark, the company Wang enthusiasm for reporters, said: "This is absolutely no problem, as long as you provide the company's business license from the foreign brand names, company (short company) registered in Italy, within two months, assurance can be through the official testing. "" can also be registered in the United States, France, the UK, these are stylish godfather of the land , but according to different countries, the price is not the same U.S. company 8000 yuan, 10,000 yuan of British companies, French companies 12,000 yuan, 11,000 yuan of Italian companies, "Wang continued," Indeed, the domestic-known leather goods brand known for not more than can be called derived, may also be so registered in a foreign country, they are abroad and there is no entity, no one knows better than to the side to go throwing money at people also want into our registration this trademark, the price of your product at least as can be improved three times, so the value of the long term, to spend this money. "for the operation of the whole, the reporter said it is not clear specifically how to operate. Wang gave reporters Weapon: a company registered in foreign countries first, and then take a foreign language trademarks, then start the production of bags, and then large scale, recruit sales agents, such as strength and then a bit more powerful, you can open own stores, specialty shop. The temptation of huge profits when the 10% profit, they will be just around the corner; when 50% profit, they will take the risk; when 100% profit, they dare to trample on human laws; when profits reached 300% when they dare to take the danger of the gallows. This is known as Engels famously. "Da Vinci" price and quality of the furniture door event last year, this "pseudo-foreign brands face no longer exist once the brilliant branded" fraud "word on the instant, become grim, but also to this "grafting" into a piece of consumer fraud exposure. Jia Jia dream home textiles such as reported by the Italian government agency, it has been claimed from Italy, and clearly marked on the trademark of Italian words, a mattress price as high as 34,000 yuan, also known as the mattress retails for € 6,000, compared with Italian car is also expensive. According to the Intellectual Property Division of the Italian Trade Commission Beijing studio staff, the price of real high-end brand-name mattresses in Italy but not more than 600 euros, less than 1/10. A senior leather boss told reporters that the reason why the "pseudo-foreign brands will flock now, mainly due to the lure of huge profits. Such as a domestic full-leather ladies bags, ordinary selling price in the market also about 400 yuan, and marked with the concept of foreign brands, craftsmanship, pure foreign origin, the product will be able to flex its muscles ", easily a few thousand dollars and only "a mere trifle. It is reported that 10 years ago, the false foreign brands more likely under a little effort, at least in Italy, rent a small facade, design a store to make it look good, simply dispense with these problems, only to register a trademark in a foreign country, production and sales in the country, many companies through the dozens of walking a fine line to earn high profits. Investment Advisor in Senior Fellow Xuesheng Wen said in an interview with reporters, "pseudo-foreign brands" final point is the lack of our own brand and regulatory environment is too loose, and the last of the real victims are the image of the government and consumers' interests, authentic gucci. ■ link domestic crackdown without a break into a routine Admittedly, 15 years, self-protection awareness of Chinese consumers continue to enhance the rights effectiveness continue to appear. According to latest statistics show that of the National Consumers Association organizations at all levels, in 2011, China at all levels of the Consumers Association received a total of 600,000 consumer complaints, down 8.9%, 570 000, for consumers to recover economic losses of 800 million yuan, an increase of 19.1%. However, another fact is: The 2011 survey shows that 63.817% of survey respondents face of the legitimate rights and interests are infringed upon, select the "suffer in silence", the "Silence of the Lambs". From waste oil, poisonous rice, the staining bread, real estate "fine fitting", "Da Vinci" furniture to the high imitation bags, cottage Nike disclosed by the CCTV show Carrefour, McDonald's, from the little-known small workshop international top 500 enterprises, service exposure of a variety of products in question as much as the secret seems to have become "business as usual. Especially the last two years, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and other international big set up a special anti-counterfeiting group, crack down on illegal business. However, more than a decade, China's leather industry counterfeiting, selling fake still eroding the market like a "cancer". Why crackdown played so many years, there are so many Dabu Wan false? China Consumers' Association, vice president of Judicial Conciliation, consumers face the biggest problem is the rights in the field of leather goods, real estate, cars, online shopping, financial, consumer and other more difficult, the cost of rights, sometimes the recovery of a chicken, too kill a cow. " Rights process, consumers are still faced with hard evidence, put in hard, difficult to investigate and deal with difficult litigation, compensation is difficult and many other issues. The high cost of rights of consumers, businesses illegal low cost. At present, the implementation of the Consumer Protection Act is the principle of double compensation. According to the statistics of the China Consumers' Association, after winning the Chinese consumer rights, compensation in each case an average of more than 700 yuan; the United States consumers in every case awarded $ 350,000 each case the amount of compensation in China more than 3700 times, "despite different national conditions, but compensation levels were significantly low." it is generally recognized, according to the law is certainly important, however, more critical is to be done strictly enforced. Cai Wei, Shanghai Jiaotong University Vice-Chancellor suggested that the terms of the "illegal ban on industry should be established to effectively crack down on crime and illegal businesses, the real way to" severely punish the heavy penalties "to establish legal authority. He said that illegal enterprises to be punished to the bankrupt, once illegal can not be second to enter the industry. ■ appeal to hold high the intellectual property rights banner CD integrity side stand the scrutiny of the essence, the market economy rules of the game contract, the contract is based on integrity. Business Integrity is actually a specification of the behavior of the market economy "invisible" hand, gucci authentic. Sadly, many businesses are making use of the wrong information of buyers and sellers, or coercion, or fraud, not only the interests of consumers have suffered damage, but also in virtually trampled the spirit of the contract, undermining the commercial integrity. The illegal profit of the business is temporary, but the destruction of trust between merchants and consumers is a far-reaching, it is difficult to recover. The one hand, consumers are unlikely to find the consumer a sense of security; the other hand, some industries due to the individual behavior of unscrupulous businessmen and loss of consumers' collective sense of trust. Perfect Chun Bag Co., Ltd. Chairman Deng Ye-ming insisted, the only real origin of the integrity of the brand history in order to withstand the scrutiny, in order to ultimately obtain recognition and favor of the consumer. Be seen from the above case, intellectual property issues has been promoted to the contradictions, the most important for the domestic market can no longer be neglected.