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Copyright: the form of hyperlinks to indicate the original source and author information and this statement need to wear a tie, shirt collar, size should be appropriate, some precautions, it is not appropriate, rather not ask for advice Men dress details aspects such as cold weather can wear the shirt, thermal underwear, pants pocket watches and clothes of details of the outline of things not exposed can not put a lot of etiquette and how to match, the score ask for advice in daily life, each person choice of wearing apparel not only give people a deep impression, and is regarded as the identity, status, accomplishment, and taste the objective embodied Specifically, men's standard dress dark blue, gray suits, wearing a white shirt. wearing dark socks, black shoes and tie wearing a suit to pay attention to several issues: First, before the new suit wearing, be sure to trademark in the shirt on the left sleeve cuff, pure wool mark dismantle the second is to be pressed suit lines straight, and appear smooth and crisp, beautiful and generous to fasten buttons, double-breasted should wear a suit all the department; single row of three buckle Department of the top two buttoned, or the middle of the monophyletic buttoned; single row of two deduction only to the Department of the top of the grain buttoned wearing a suit do not roll does not pull must pay attention to maintaining its original state can not arbitrarily sleeves, pants leg rolled up five to be careful to wear wool shirt jackets, in addition to a shirt and vest is best not to wear any other clothing in case of non-wear can not be, it is best to wear a monochrome thin the "v" collar sweaters six of clever with underwear suit standard wear, seven less hold things in a suit jacket do not wear shirts of cotton spinning or wool vest or underwear shirt must be a single color, the left side of the outer breast pocket can insert a used decorative silk handkerchief pens, glasses and other items should not be put as the men's main dress dress is a suit, wearing a suit must wear a tie tie decoration, beautification and the role of embellishment from the color perspective, tie monochrome, multicolor points monochrome tie for official activities and a grand social occasions, blue, gray, black, purple, better multi-color tie should generally not more than 3 kinds of color, can be used for all kinds of occasions and tie, should focus on to master the correct method of the tie knot, tie length, position and accessories of choice and suits, shoes to match the color of the socks dark, monochrome appropriate, preferably black, avoid wearing white socks color with "all" in a foreign country in the evaluation of a men's clothing taste, often depends on their compliance with "all" so-called "three - law, is to ask the men the appearance of formal occasions, should pay attention to color a reasonable match for the men in formal occasions. dress, you must comply with the principle of "three-color, but also choose a dress the color of the basic principles of its meaning is to ask the color of dress in general should be simple and appropriate, it would be better controlled within the three kinds of color, helping to preserve dress-minded, to maintain the overall style and suits appear in color on the color excess of three kinds of color specification and harmony are installed, usually gives a complex sense of dress color should generally be monochromatic, dark-based, and best suit the color of the pattern standard blue, gray, brown and black T-shirt color is best for the white; shoes, socks, briefcase, the color is best for dark, black is the most common, let us look Yue-Sai Kan's point of view: once asked an expert, if a person's economic conditions enough to buy a suit and a tie, then what color to buy? He said the first set of dark blue tie is red; If you buy the , dark gray, dark gray is good he did not approve to buy olive green, light brown, two colors to make the Chinese people face look yellow, deep brown suit is possible in general, a dark suit better, is not easy to dirty if it is summer, you can wear light-colored suit, such as milky white suit, but it is easy to dirty, we should at all times to keep the clean suit fabric better, you can go a long way fineness if you suit dark and Stripes, very generous, and often very popular; or tricks, or a large grid, you have to comply with two monochrome, a pattern of rules and let your shirt and tie with monochrome the best, or very dark pattern is the most simple principles, do well to remember that it can make you very easy with a decent suit in general in three suits, suit coat and pants unified fabric, seemed more formal and a sports jacket, suit, sports jacket and pants fabric can not unified sports jacket and jeans with, although less formal, more casual third is a three-piece suit of a suit, is relatively formal suit style shoulder styles are only two: under oblique shoulder of natural or straight shoulder, which is very similar to the uniforms the two shoulder does not exist what kind than the other good, but different choices should be the shape of each person for most of the Asian style shoulder is oblique, so if your shoulder is more oblique, I suggest that you direct a little shoulder, looks can seem high and direct, but should not be too big suit lapel, and some narrow, some wide, various designers have their different styles, the trend will continue to change, but if you buy a medium width lapels on never make it out of date how the maintenance of a suit? suit Dry-clean only, can not be washed because of the shoulder part of the structure of a good suit is very complex special washing will make it deformed the suit do not wear, use a good quality suit hanger Do not use cheap thin hangers such suit was not deformed to wear durable, wear nice suits a little wrinkled, it is easy to use the iron to be careful ironing to prevent some fabric out of the "mirror" shiny ironing pad with a thin handkerchief to protect its fabric business men to pay attention to the suit worn business man wearing a suit, can not fail to prepare their specific wear plus emphasis on the specification of non-compliance with a suit to wear in the above wanton disregard of the law to wear a suit, are contrary to the etiquette of the ignorance of the performance of the basic requirements of the suit etiquette, business men wear a suit, be sure to pay special attention to the following seven aspects of the suit worn: the first To remove the trademark on the left sleeve of the suit jacket sleeve cuffs, usually stitched on a trademark is sometimes, there is also at the same time sewing a pure wool flag, wear a suit, do not forget to first dismantle practices, and other external so declared that the suit has been enabled if the suit through a long time, the trademark on the sleeves and still stay in place like the intentionally in order to the streets of the same, inevitably met with a second laugh at the people, to iron formation purports a suit to wear on his body looks beautiful and generous, we must first make it look smooth and crisp, straight lines to make this point, in addition to the regularly suit for dry cleaning, but also each time before formal wear. Do not neglect this point be careful ironing, making it wrinkled, dirty, dirty, and total loss of beauty, terrible third, to fasten the buttons to wear a suit, shirt, vest and pants button deduction, there is a certain system method for the three-line stress again blouse buttons up in general when standing, especially after standing up before a large crowd, blazer buttons should be fastened to show solemnly seated, blazer buttons should unlock to prevent its "distorted" aliasing to wear a vest or sweater, but only including Waichuan single-breasted coat, allow to stand on the occasion Department of shirt buttons usually, the Department of the suit coat buttons, there are not specific practices single row of buttons of the two-button suit jacket single-breasted jacket with double-breasted jacket, speaking to wear wear is not withheld, that is the only top grain buttons Department of the single row of three button suit jacket buttons, the right way, there are two: either only intermediate grain buttons, or the Department on the above two buttons and the Department of the double-breasted suit jacket buttons, the buttons on the can system must be made to the department's wearing a suit vest, whether it is to wear alone or wear with a suit jacket matching must carefully buttoned, without permission allowed to circulate freely open under normal circumstances, the vest can only be single-breasted suit jacket matching the number of buttons, it's more or less, but generally can be divided for single-breasted and double-breasted suit dress practices, single-breasted vest grain bottom buttons should not the Department, and the double-style vest, all buttons must be no the exception to all the trousers the pants on the door "gatekeeper", some buttons, some of them are zipper is generally believed that the former is more orthodox, the latter is more convenient to use regardless of wear closed manner in which trousers, must always remind ourselves that the buttons all, or zipper pull seriously participate in important activities also quietly at any time their check, trousers hook, should hang up fourth, or the volume does not pull when you wear a suit, must be good care of the status quo in public places, do not publicly free to take off the suit jacket, not to treat it as a cloak, like Phi needs to be stressed in the shoulder In any case, can not will suit jacket sleeves rolled up Otherwise, it easily gives the vulgar sense under normal circumstances, feel free to roll up the trousers of his pants and also a kind of in line with the ritual performance is therefore absolutely prohibits business people kind of fifth should be careful to wear the sweater business people are going to build a suit to wear "type" a "taste", then in addition to the outside of the shirt and vest, jackets, the best Do not wear any other clothing in the cold winters and unbearable, it should only temporary modifications, put a thin "v" neck monochrome sweater or cashmere sweater so that neither appears to be too light whistle, nor shall it impede their own tie not to wear the color pattern is very complicated sweater or cashmere sweater, do not wear a button open-necked sweater or cashmere sweater which buttons a lot, and jackets at the same time, dazzling do not suddenly as one looked at the same time put the pieces of wool, cashmere sweaters, vests, even coupled with a hand-knit sweaters, the place of its collar and ultimately structured, like irregular terraces and ugly; but also would have led Guzhang bear suit, variant aliasing sixth, standards worn to be clever with underwear suit, do not wear shirts of cotton spinning or wool vest, underwear so as not to wear a shirt and suit and matching t-shirts wear law is even more do not meet the specifications for special reasons, and the need to wear the vest, shirt, underwear, three o'clock Note: The first number to a limit if all of a sudden put on more than is bound to make themselves look very bloated similar color should be the shirt color, at least should not be to make than the shirt color is dark, so that the two "contrast" distinctive light-colored or transparent shirts inside wearing a dark , the Chromic vest, underwear, and even more easy to recruit people joke style should be short shirt shirt, vest or lingerie, its collar collar collar "u" or "v" is appropriate, in shirt within better not to wear high-necked vest or underwear, or outside the shirt collar is very likely to reveal a length unsightly "Others" In addition, we also pay attention, do not make underwear sleeves exposed to someone else's vision. the seventh, much less hold things in order to ensure the suit is not aliasing in appearance, it should be less in the pocket of a suit to hold things, or do not install anything to treat the T-shirt, vest and pants should be the case if the pockets of the suit as a only "treasure chest" with a mess of things it stuffed full of nothing short of specifically ravaging the suit, suits, different pockets play a varied role in a suit jacket, the left outer breast pocket is to insert the one used to decorate silk hair Pa are not allowed to recapture anything else, in particular, should not do the pen, hanging glasses inside breast pocket can be used to do pen and put the wallet or business card holder, but do not miss something big, too thick or useless objects the outside of the bottom two pockets, in principle, to hold anything better in the vest pocket decorative function, in addition can be placed on watch outside, not recapture something else in suit pants, two side pockets can only put paper towels, key cases or coins to package its rear two pockets, most hold to anything, business men to pay attention to the suit with the familiar with the suit and dress code, mostly heard a jargon: "the flavor of the suit not rely solely on the suit wearing this out, but a suit and other clothing carefully mix and match out" Thus, the suit and other clothing decoration with successfully wearing a suit, how important men's suits Ten taboos: a short, avoid trousers, standard trousers length of his pants and covered shoes, avoid shirts trousers outside three, avoid the collar is too large, collar neck between the gap four, avoid tie five glaring colors, avoid tie is too short, the length of the general tie tie tip to cover the belt buckle six, avoid buckle shirt buckle wear on the tie seven, avoid the suit jacket sleeves too long, than a shirt sleeve 1 cm shorter eight, bogey suit jacket, pants pocket drum capsule capsule nine, avoid suits with athletic shoes 10 and avoid the shoe and shoelace color uncoordinated men's suit jacket sleeves should be shorter than the shirt sleeve 1-3 cm, thousands do not forget the removal of the cuff trademark suit coat, pants pocket, not stuffed double-breasted suit must all wear single-row dual buttoned above one or all of the buckle, and single row in the middle of the three buttoned one or all of deduction, a single row of four-buttoned the middle of two tie color should be harmonious and non-glaring, generally tie length should be the tie tip to cover the belt buckle tie clip position on the shirt from the top grain button buckle at a suit and fasten it to see less than a tie clip shirt collar is not too big, must be buttoned shirt wear a tie clasp, collar neck can not exist between the length of the gap standard trousers for his pants and covered shoes, hand can not often inserted in his trousers, shoes and laces, socks color should coordinate the color of the socks should be worn suit worn than suits deep suit sub-formal, semi-formal and informal categories: dress often reflects cultural quality of the type of suit, classification is also more rigorous attention to the suits and dresses, can be divided into formal and formal dress semi-formal dress two categories can be divided into two kinds of morning dress and evening dress, the former is during the day formal dress for attending the ceremony, wedding ceremony or farewell ceremony to wear the latter is usually referred tuxedo, formal dress to wear at night for night ceremony or a formal dinner and other occasions to wear semi-formal dress can be divided for the evening service during the day and wear black suits and condole serving four party service is the formal dress of the night and are usually referred to as the Evening jacket or dinner jacket, dinner, opera, dance, weddings and other occasions can be worn daytime clothes is daytime wear a black suit, black suits replaced by a black suit uses more and more widely, various occasions can wear can wear morning dress and evening dress, can wear on the wedding and farewell ceremony , can also serve as a the condole service condole service refers to the morning dress or black suit, black tie, can also wear the usual clothing, but you can not choose the gorgeous colors of clothing or beautiful ornaments, and to avoid the brown clothing and shoes International The suits worn generally refers to the suits, including the piece upside down three-piece (upside down and vest) and supporting three way of putting on different occasions in which is divided into formal, semi formal and non- formal three types of supporting not installed up and down the suit refers to a more casual suit with different colors and fabrics, beautiful flower colors can be used to wear them seemed relaxed, comfortable, bright, brisk, lively, chic, for informal occasions or less solemn occasions, such as visiting friends and relatives to visit to visit or shop wear but upside down between the color more attention to the need for an appropriate combination of different shades up and down loaded with up to have a different demeanor, but must selected according to the wearer's age, work experience, character, color preferences and occasion wear and other factors, otherwise it will be very poor style, vulgar, dissolute, or gives a nondescript, slovenly, Lalilata the impression in recent years, dress use has become increasingly simplified, two-piece and three-piece suits, expense has become increasingly widespread, a variety of formal and semi-formal occasions can be dressed in formal occasions, mainly refers to the evening social activities, such as banquets, receptions, in these occasions, receptions, ceremonies attended, weddings and events, and generally wear dark-colored two-piece or three-piece suit is appropriate, but should be avoided plus wear wool vest or sweater in memorial activities should wear black or dark gray suit, playing black or dark plain tie semi-formal occasions, mainly referring to during the day and a grand event, such as work, high-level meeting, luncheon, general access, meeting, etc., in this case, the medium color, light or bright dark two-piece, three-piece suits when more suitable for office wear monochrome suits dark grid stripes and small patterns, can give to the steady sense of formal or semi-formal occasions, generally should not wear fashionable clothes, such as wear double-breasted coat, and all buttons should be fastened, and sometimes from time to buckle below a button single-breasted coat and can not withhold the button or button below a button, not button all the buttons are all on a suit vest often not withhold the most under a button must wear long ancestral shirt to wear a suit no matter what the occasion, shirt tail must be tucked in pants, shirt buttons must be buttoned collar is the focus of the shirt, tie the generals the buttoned prison collar on the coat below or turn in the coat collar, the shirt, plus wear sailor collar sweater, can the collar on the sweater below or turn in the sweater out of the loop in the informal occasions not wearing a tie, you should not buckle shirt buttons at the same time, should also pay attention to the footwear and clothing color match should be avoided in formal or semi-formal occasions, wear the toe and heel sandals how to make a suit, shirt, tie coordinating closely related to men's suits if the dress wearing suits, shirts, ties between the three, the tie must be tied, is usually to work or ready to participate in some formal occasions and visit family thanks to the Friends of wearing seat collar shirt, is necessary to tie a tie in the department color, texture, according to the suit the color, texture and shirt pattern, color, and strive to coordinate and wearing a plain suit, white shirt, to use the striped, plaid, plain abstract flower tie; wearing a striped shirt available plaid tie; wearing a striped suit, white shirt available geometric flowers, of course, plain tie, tie color selection should also consider the occasion to participate in the festive banquet to choose red or fancy tone of the tie; on solemn occasions, the application of dark or black tie Department of a good tie should be smooth and natural drooping width must be slightly longer than a narrow one, and hold a narrow one, must not the contrary, do not looks too much like wearing a suit and vest, tie stuffed vest, tie clip should also avoid exposing the vest in the general occasions, sometimes or not to tie, such as underwear, jacket suit worn, it is lively; If you do not wear a suit jacket, only to wear long-sleeved with collar stand collar shirt, can also be fastened with a tie but should keep in mind, the neckline and sleeves of the shirt must be buttoned, this is a rule, is also a grace suit's collar sleeves, shirt collar, sleeves with the relationship is also very close, the shirt collar height should be 1.5 to 2 cm higher than the suit, shirt sleeve length than the suit Sleeve out 1.5 to 2 cm wear a suit and how to attention to etiquette suit itself has a strict structure and unique wear rules, unlike other casual wear with the township into the vulgar "is to introduce readers to wear a suit should be noted that the basic problem or method: 1. alternative method suits complete sets of clothing, Parure two-piece suits and matching clothing suits the design is very rigorous, but it's wear law is not static, but can be adapted, of course, must also follow certain rules in order to show the charm of its art, such as to participate in a number of important activities, banquets, courtesy visit, high-level meeting, the working people wear suits suit appears to end in serious, serious, sincere, is conducive to carry out the work and career success; in everyday life, the general meeting of friends and family visits, travel, party occasions, China's national conditions, wear non-matching suits is also very good, but seem light and easy, eclectic, vibrant suits can be opened, modifications for supporting wear a suit; not complete suit can also be cleverly equipped into a suite with a special charm. very particular attention to the color of the color matching suit, especially in the person wearing a suit the color of the v neckline District,, shirt, tie, suit, three color color whether beautiful and appropriate, whether to pay attention to the artistic, etc., is directly related to the wearing effect of the suit. pattern combinations, whether domestic or foreign men generally like the dress tie, grid points Suhua flowers, shirts and flowers suit the flower which is the current era, men in pursuit of the performance of self-awareness, highlighting the personal charm, a manifestation of breaking the monotony of traditional clothing, but three kinds of clothing flower combination as color matching is so simple, because the pattern is simple , grid, point three, but they are color combination color, flower fully taken into account is generally the easiest optional two flowers and a hormone, a suit and tie for the flowers, the shirt is a prime correspond to color clothing this matching method easier to coordinate such as: filament deep blue suits, wore a large white tip collar shirt, Department of purple and dark blue stripes tie, very elegant and generous to assume that three The dress has a strip pattern is easy to give a messy impression ties, shirts, suits and all three-pattern matching difficulty is great, but earnest attention, a flower, the other for the background and secondary flowers also have a unique style of the unexpected. pay attention to the consistency of the fabric suits with flexible performance, the flexibility to wear at any time matching into a suit, but it is a certain regularity in the apparel fabrics also coordination, such as all-wool suit coupled with the coarse plain cloth shirt, cotton corduroy suit coat and polyester card (CVC) suit shirt with tie, which naturally gives the incongruity especially to attend various public occasions, banquets, negotiations, parties, pay attention to the advanced suit should be equipped with advanced shirt, tie, in order to avoid errors instrument. wear section wear a suit to their making and design of the suit rigor has its own unique rules For example, a male suit wearing, in addition to the double button suit any occasion should refrain buttons completely wear; in a serious and solemn scene, even if it is your wedding, only button the first button ; go out, travel, friends and so should not be buttoning a shirt, to appear amiable and generous, approachable and informal tight at the same time, can also reduce friction and strain of the suit and if, when you wear a suit, shirt must be in the waistband. one who seemed agile spirit; sleek suits and tight If you wear a vest, tie, men should tie standing upright in the vest clothes buttoned good suit vest can not withhold the most bottom buckle to wear a suit and two non-destructive pay attention to the collar and sleeves parts of the shirt cuff should be tied and exposed to about 1 cm as well, the collar must be straight, to suppress and the suit collar, shirt collar above the suit collar about 1% better last wear a suit should be noted that t, o, p-principle, according to time, place, environment, to dress, wearing a suit but also pay attention to their own language to the United States, acts to the United States, the attitude to the United States, then the suit will be displayed in your body generous, passionate demeanor cold weather when you can wear thermal underwear, put on the shirt collar outside do not see a formal occasion, clothes should be clean and neat, it is best not to take too many accessories with the watch can be ordinary occasions. his trouser pockets to hold things, these are very random, do not be too particular about all comfortable, convenience is the primary one, wear a suit do not wear white socks, especially in a dark suit, must be used with the same color socks, suit cuffs trademarks must be cut off three dress shirts must be clean, not dirty collar, dirty sleeve 4, the shirt cuff should be slightly longer than the suit cuff about 1 cm 5, the suit must be ironed crisp, not wrinkled, wearing a suit the men to show the gentleman, "station, such as pine, sitting like a bell" of the state, and do not forget that Ms. front must have good manners, three-point line: dressed man, his shirt collar open, belt loop and opening the outside of the pants should be on a line, if you tie, tie tip must not touch the belt 9, unless you are in the solution tie, otherwise no matter when and where to release the tie knot, are very polite, if you are wearing a suit without a tie, you can wear the kind of loafers; if you tied a tie, it must not be 11, not wearing a color shirt, shirt with trim understand so that you look like a silly primitive 13, buy a new shirt, if you insert two fingers between the neck and the collar, washed this shirt will still be very appropriate 14, through a man's shirt faint about about to see the t-shirt worn on the inside, as a woman wearing revealing underwear pants 15 public places should not be wearing a T-shirt 16, if not very professional dry cleaning, a 800 shirt soon only value of 25 yuan 17, if you do not polish your shoes properly, then the 1000 yuan a pair of shoes look, wearing a number of memorial jewelry 19 and 90 yuan a pair of not more than 18, if your belt and shoes are not the same texture, it is necessary to find a unified color 20, the appearance of a man can totally tell the world you live in the end good 21, if you build strong, they need to wear a dark suit, and not wear a jacket 22, suit season can not dry cleaning more than twice, if you want to maintain the prototype of the tuxedo, one-Do not dry clean 23, if you wear a three button suit, the only the first one button can be tied to the above two is not the only the bottom one, while the buttons above to open 24, all the buttons to wear double-breasted suit should wear, especially the collar button 25, if you go on one occasion not sure what to wear solemn little far a little stronger than casual 26, if you wear very exciting to go to dinner, the taste will be better 27 unless you are an athlete, or not to take any printed word or number clothes on the body 28, in any case, you do not have too much leisure clothing, due one week only in the history of a Saturday: 2010 popular this winter, what color sweater -09 new sweater 2011-04-27 organizations issues related to men's sweater - sweater men's sweater pattern 2011-04-27 black hollow inside to take what is good-looking-cf knitting off the sweater in the dark at 2011-04-27 winter, you can see the twinkling light, but also with "crackling" sound, please explain this phenomenon-cf knitting 2011-04-27 to boyfriend weave a thin sweater, the color color wool type of want to give some suggestions - men's sweater pattern 2011-04-27gowns and evening dressesformal evening dresses uk