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Copyright: the form of hyperlinks to indicate the original source of article and author information and this statement October 19, 2007 the About ARMANIGiorgio Armani, Giorgio Armani, in 1970 with the architects Purcell focus Galeoti (Sergio Galeotti) co-organized the company, then in 1975 created the "Giorgio Armani" and register their own trademarks. In 1974, when Giorgio Armani men's fashion show is complete, said he was "king of the jacket. 1984, the creation of low-cost brand Ambrose Armani. Today, the Armani company has operations throughout 100 countries. In addition to high fashion, Giorgio Armani, also has a number of the cards, women's brands such as clothing brand Emporio, Mani, casual wear and denim brands such as the Armani Jeans and so on, which product types in addition to clothing, but also has a tie, glasses, silk towels, leather goods, perfume, and so on. Emporio Armani is a very successful brand, the meaning of "Emporio" Italian department store, the Armani department store ", which is the Armani brand for young family. Brand Profile: In an era of gender gender become more confusion, the clothing is no longer absolute men and women are different, GIORGIO ARMANI is to break the boundaries of masculinity and femininity, one of the leading designer of women towards the neutral style. The ARMANI majoring in the science curriculum in schools, university to study medicine, military service as an assistant medical officer, the rational approach the analysis of training, as well as the world's concept of equilibrium is the clothes he designed the guidelines. ARMANI create clothing not in the abstract thought, but from observation, in the street to see the others elegant way of dressing, then reorganized his way to create his own ARMANI style, elegant form. Many of the world's executives, the Hollywood actor who took a fancy to such a self-writing style, and become followers of ARMANI. Hollywood even popular saying: "When you do not know what to wear when wearing ARMANI is correct!" Jodie Foster is ARMANI loyal supporter. Men's and women's clothing, the simple suit with the perfect neutral crop, at any time, occasion, are not inappropriate or faded popular advocates from around the world is inter-professional, cross-age. ARMANI accessories, including leather goods, shoes, glasses, ties, scarves, and clothing, pay attention to the delicate texture and simple lines, clearly set off a style purely Italian style clothing. Even swimwear, also eliminating the need for complex moldings, main splicing sculpture sexy curves, with an indescribable elegance. GIORGIO ARMANI the cards, such as ARMANI, JEANS men and women cowboy series, GIORGIO ARMANI JUNIOR male and female children 's series, snow suits, golf apparel series which development should be based on the most mature eagle as a symbol of EMPORIO ARMANI men and women loaded. Every brand are attracting a loyal supporter of the fashion circle, as if to wave-ARMANI wind. Armani is a clothing brand was born in Italy, after 30 years of development, has become the world's top clothing brands. In 1975, a 40-year-old Giorgio Armani to his name, set up a "GiorgioArmani. Today, Armani has more than $ 2 billion brand. The first quarter of 2005 alone, including Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, including the Greater China region, sales increased by 52%. Now the Armani Group, the global fired a total of more than 300 stores, 5000 employees. Origin as the designer Giorgio Armani at the same time as the Group Chairman, CEOs, an early showcase of designers is how the birth of a 14 flat cubic meter studio brand, business to become the world's top brands of long-lasting it? This is a research topic of many companies. The turning point of the Armani brand to break into the ranks of the top brands in 1980. When Armani Armani men and women "power suit (powersuit)" have come to this design to high net worth individuals to promote Armani this set of clothing available to the actor in "American Gigolo" Richard base Seoul, the same year, a full set of Armani "power suit" debut with the film's screenings. The film a big success, Armani brand is also the Hollywood star-studded city is being sought. Armani never not become famous movie stars design clothing. His customers include fame biggest names to be respected. In recent years, the world football star approached Armani, David Beckham, Ronaldo, Vieri, Del Piero, Figo and Shevchenko are regulars. Armani is the first modern designer to recognize the potential of the celebrity market. He specializes in the Los Angeles office, celebrity rental clothing to meet them in the clothing of the wild notion. Order to secure the development of Armani's achievements in top markets, Armani formed on the operating system. The experience for the Chinese men's brand in brand management, marketing, faced with the confusion of reference. Armani's mode of operation has three aspects: First, strengthen the Armani Group through the acquisition of long-term franchisees and OEM factory control of the manufacture and distribution, the second is to actively launch Armani's own retail stores, strengthen the control on the retail side, is actively expanding the product line. The use of cash on the Armani Group, the majority of production and distribution control. Armani to their OEM business acquisition, the acquisition of two garment enterprise to production ArmaniCollezioni high-end clothing. In addition, he is still a global scale, the acquisition of some third-party distributors. However, in the acquisition process, Armani adhere to a principle, that is not the acquisition of other brands, so as not can not be integrated or damage Armani brand. To the present, Armani daily to see the day sales data coming from all over the world, conduct research, to understand the needs of consumers. Actively to launch its own retail stores, to strengthen the control on the retail end, one of Armani's marketing strategy. Armani settled in Milan, Italy in 1974 to enter the London market in 1989, entering the U.S. market in 1991. In April 2004, Armani opened in Shanghai, China's largest flagship store. Armani Group expects to build a retail network of 20 to 30 independent stores in major cities in China in 2008. Armani clothing Jieshou in 1981 opened a brand extension of the wind. Subsequently, other international big names have to follow suit. China's men's business began to criticize the brand extension will lead to brand positioning fuzzy, Armani aware of the brand to expand a broad enough range of brand vitality can not be strong and long, only to build a product pyramid at different levels, in order to make the brand fullness powerful. Armani also to expand the brand to eyewear, watches, cosmetics, furniture, jewelry and many other fields. Armani's successful example may not be able to copy, but his experience is worth the research and study of Chinese enterprises. Armani is Europe's top, is the world's most fashionable men's brands. In addition to business clothing, Armani also designed to tie, glasses, scarves, leather goods, perfumes and even household items and products are sold in over 100 countries and regions around the world, sales in the U.S. the largest European fashion brands. Not long ago, in Italy's fashion capital Milan, this reporter on the Armani company's founder, president and chief brand designer George? Mr. Armani (Giorgio Armani), an exclusive interview. Now, let us listen to the master of the world of fashion is how to embark on the road of fashion. Department store layout window to lead him down the road of fashion "I entered the fashion industry, is purely a cock" Armani said he had nothing to do with fashion, in a department store layout window to change his of life. In 1935, Armani was born in Piacenza from Milan, 40 miles of the southwest. His father opened a shipping line, with three children, Armani the second. His grandfather in the Piacenza town runs a wig shop, designed for a local theater production of the 10th century-style wig. Grandfather often took me to theater background scenery of the stage, where I became a fan, Armani recalls. But her parents to dispel his dream of art, in the insistence of parents, Armani was sent to Milan to study medicine. Three years later, he enlisted for three years Assistant Medical. After the war, a very chance, he found in the famous Italian department store Lina Sander stores a layout window. Later, he was transferred to the store's fashion department. "A nothing to the employees tend to be leading into this sector." Mr. Armani such self-deprecating, told reporters. It is this opportunity Armani broke into the world of fashion, the door, he began to accumulate all the knowledge about the fashion, learning fashion design skills. He worked in the fashion department for seven years, seven years has laid a solid foundation as the masters of fashion design. One day, when the authority of the textile sector in Italy, known as the "Textile King Se Luodi urgent need of a fashion design assistant store manager recommended the Armani. Se Luodi on very satisfied with the shrewd and honest young man, because he Armani in a lot of fabrics to pick out the best products, Armani selected precisely is Sai Luodi favorite fabric. As a result, he was hired as a menswear designer of the Se Luodi company, the annual salary of $ 40,000, this income is very high at the time. After six consecutive male designer award, the 34-year-old Armani gave up a stable high-paying jobs, and architects Purcell focus Galeoti in a less than 14 square meters room, open a clothing design studio, and began its own independent fashion design career. After the end of the Giorgio Armani men's fashion show in 1974, when he gained the reputation of "king" of the jacket. 1975, a 40-year-old Armani, named after his name, set up a "GiorgioArmani the" Company, and registered its own trademark. 1980s, he designed women also began to shine. His exaggerated treatment of the generous shoulder, showing the subtle elegance of a new era of women, more and more loved by the people. Bilbo Las, American fashion designer, said: "his women's style of design, there is indeed a unique, impeccable. He is the genius of the times." Men's design, he is to play the leading role. Male designer award in 14 years, he has swept more than 30 of the world clothing Award, which the famous "Cutty Sark" was a record, which won six times. What do you think the face of the reporter "You are the changes in fashion trends," Armani The Nearly seventy elderly very seriously: "To maintain the same design style, in the ever-changing fashion trends and most The important point is sure to make every effort. "Armani added," Essentially, I provide people with services and I hope that their own efforts to help people live a better, whether the wife to her husband in front of become more attractive to wear designer clothes, or upside down is the same, the purpose of people are let in the most natural state appears to be the most beautiful I designed a set of fashion from my heart conceived. "an American designer Kamari, said:" I was not Armani understanding, but when I said to a young man, he looks quite the spirit of the time, 99 per cent of He replied, he is wearing Armani clothes. "his low-key, try to avoid public appearances Armani hard-working, humble, man is also very low-key. Professional reasons, his photos often meeting on the cover of many magazines, but I still try to avoid public appearances, it's rare interview with reporters. He is a workaholic, often continuous desk 12 hours. Every time he completed a design, he took to the employees to see and listen to their views, like with family discussion, absolutely no general supervisor under the kind of domineering posture. His customers to order as house guests, every time personally handed him a cup of coffee. Talk about diversification, Armani said: "We have been very careful, cautious, and relatively healthy." Currently, the Armani company in charge of the work, including management, design, and so on. He believes that "the overall situation" is very important for a fashion company. Armani said humorously: "If you have a good partner to help you in the next, of course, very good, but if you're a person can do a good two things, why not do it?" Armani points the following brands Giorgio armani (most expensive) (women's wear) emporio armani, armani collezioni and a | x (casual) the Armani ExchangeArmani Jeans (denim series) the Armani Junior (Kids, Teenager) Armani Casa (furniture), the Armani Dolci (sweets and chocolate) the Armani Fiori is (florist) Mani (Women) Occhiali (glasses), how to identify the genuineness of the Armani suits? 1, fabrics, Armani fabrics are developed in the market is not the same, if it is a woolen suit 100% all wool, this brand to achieve wrinkle-free effect is high-tech means rather than wool added to the polyester or other fiber. 2, trademarks, Armani's brand Giorgio Armani, Armani Collezioni, Mani, Emporio Armani, AJ | the Armani Jeans, A / X-Armani Exchange, the Armani the Junior and Armani Casa. If there are other suffixes, false, process, the more professional point, I summarize a few fools way to the eye of everyone A suit buttons, good technology vehicle is the first under the blade to open the hole and then around the on-line, but also button eyes does not have any excess flash and thread clean. B suit sleeve is absolutely natural drooping, sleeve-dong Yuan Shun natural. Then the two seam on the key, the sleeves should be very smooth, the inside of the bone are separated, no injustice. C-collar and pocket flap, high-end suit is particularly taboo, in fact, when sewn collar and pocket flap to tilt has been done to deal with to prevent them from upturned, the final shape should be very naturally attached to the clothes. At the same time to remind everyone to wear a suit and trousers please do not put anything on the inside pocket. Scraps at D to see the suit placket, before the feet, there should be a small mouth, this is a production process can not be avoided, then, this area of ​​high-end suit is sewn hand needle. You seriously look at the no. There is, on the whole suit of cloth should not see any open wire. The marks of the high-end suit is nailed up by hand, so suit and trademark there any straight lines or herringbone lines are related, however, gives the impression of a trademark of a good suit is long in the above. F clothes as a whole should be flowing lines, graceful. After raphe, waist should be straight in front of the collar should be naturally turn over, if it is burnt to death pressure at the top, but also sub-standard product. (That is, the hot trace) sleeve. 4, packaging, needless to say, then withdrawn with a plastic bag is certainly false. Specifically suit dust bag sets a good brand of suit factory, and transported when using three-dimensional hanging, that is, the suit squeeze in the box hanging, not a one of the pressing customers can get our hands on the clothes is not the second ironing, and above the dust bag, bag, specifically the LOGO. 5, accessories, suits and dust bag should have a special brush, may sometimes not, that thing sometimes the clerk of corruption. Each clothes CODE, an investigation to know the years, July 6, 2010-11-222009 2010-11-22 Italy: Armani Armani Armani watch brand introduced 2010-11-22 convertible Murci lago LP640 Roadster 2010-11-22evening dresses Hong Kong brand licensed 2010-11-22designer evening dresses