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The Zhaoyuan build "leather" "soft gold" leading fashion across
The the Zhaoyuan Leather City, Shandong Nan Bo Group to invest 400 million yuan to build again this year to invest 120 million yuan by leaps and bounds upgrading, as the vane to lead the domestic leather industry, which is Zhaoyuan City to promote the development of the tertiary service industry another important step. The fur industry as "soft gold", while the northerners is the largest fur demand and consumer groups. 2009 gold as the leading industry Zhaoyuan City, the service industry development lag this reality, the development of tertiary service industry as the most important task of the city's economy, the fur industry as a breakthrough development of leisure and shopping industry, and strong support for the leather City building and nurturing. In October 2009, a construction area of ​​120,000 square meters Zhaoyuan leather city officially opened. In two short years, the city of leather of business fast, and Nan Haining North Zhaoyuan two patterns formed in the fur sector and Zhejiang Haining Leather City, become the most influential and fastest-growing and most Leather professional market potential, known as "China Jiangbei Leather City". Two years for a store from scratch, and from there to large, a benchmark for professional Mall, this legend is based on what kind of soil to be founded? Shandong Nan Bo, chairman Pengdian Li said: two years more than 600 production of leather manufacturers settled in the the Zhaoyuan Leather City, the fundamental reason is that enterprises in response to the government to vigorously develop the tertiary industry's call at the same time, relying on local government the support to engage in large-scale operation, do high-end market, good faith, intended to do business, to create the Zhaoyuan 'soft gold' market to the spirit of mutual benefit, to rely on government support and love, rely on the idea of ​​innovation and development, relying on its own exploration and efforts, the Zhaoyuan leather city Zhaoyuan "soft gold" dream. Leather City business boom caused in Shandong Province to emulate, according to statistics, in 2010, there are more than 10 fur the city opened, Faced with the urgent need to re-shuffling of the situation of the leather market, Zhaoyuan City, boot leather city investment of 120 million yuan by leaps and bounds upgrading to fashion as the starting point to build China's top fur high-end stores, together with internationally renowned fur brand, the realization of goods brand, standardized management and service system, the quality of goods, shopping environment, level of service directed at a world-class, real leather fashion window. The Zhaoyuan leather City general manager Wen Guozheng upgrading the Zhaoyuan leather after the city became the country's pre-eminent ", a full range of hardware Billiton, cancellation of poor operation of the paved, shops and more than 600 from the previous transformation into the now nearly 400, all shop more clear, elegant, fashionable, elegant, using a single store brand new business model, the introduction of foreign well-known fur brand settled together to build a top fur high-end stores, It is understood that the mall since the opening of local jobs in 7200 and 32 000 indirect jobs, triggered the development of the Zhaoyuan tourism rapidly, driven by the catering, accommodation, shopping, entertainment and other tertiary service industry breakthrough , the Zhaoyuan urban functions and urban image this change from the industrial city into the ranks of the national excellent tourist city. 1-8 months of this year, Zhaoyuan City received a total of 1, authentic gucci bag.86 million foreign tourists trips, tourism revenue reached 3, gucci purses and handbags.2 billion yuan, compared with before the opening of the leather city, an increase of 82% and 91%. Wenguo Zheng told reporters, Zhaoyuan City is working to build the country's largest distribution center for fur sales, the formation of the breeding, production, processing and marketing in one of the fur industry chain, to create "Waldo" and "leather" two city ​​brand, leading fashion across from the "hard gold" rich "soft gold".

chanel 2011 handbags the new listed prices, but this price increase

Down or not is not clear the people brands of luxury goods tariff prices busy
"CHANEL prices, prices of the DIOR, LV prices, Shenma prices, luxury increasingly out of reach." Heard the message of luxury prices, a lot of friends "lament". Price adjustment from the Rolex last year July 1, 5%; the CELINE prices 200-1000 yuan; the CHANEL an increase of 20%; the DIOR headed product Lady Dior No. handbags, directly up to 4000 yuan, an increase of 16% ... Although the Commerce Department and Ministry of Finance is still on whether to reduce the luxury tariff disputes no less than in the capital a number of high-end shopping malls, luxury has been opened to competing prices posture. Because many of the luxury consumer, the recent price adjustment is certainly involved in the world, is also considered and tariffs. International Trade to stop sale "more than a month after another, better brands are up," Trade Mall PR staff told reporters, DIOR luxury leather goods from the May price adjustment, the classic "Lady Dior" trumpet original price 21500 yuan, 25,000 yuan at current prices; in the original price of 25,000 yuan, the price of 29,000 yuan, 4000 yuan helicopter. In addition, CELINE prices of 200-1000 yuan. The CARTIER counters rose gold half drill LOVE series "bracelet price of $ 7.6 million, compared with the price rises of about 6.4 million price of progress about 1.2 million, chanel 2011 handbags. Shin Kong Place, CHANEL "CLASSIC series of double-clad cover prices of $ 30,000, prices price of $ 3.75 million. It is said that the classic basic rose more than 20%. LV network also came prices message, uniform margin of 6%. A xuan champagne package price rose to 19,000 yuan from more than 16,000 yuan. LV's Speedy handbags stores price of 5500 yuan to 5800 yuan, an increase of more than 5%. The anxiety of leaving luxury fans Clearance activities are also cut. Trade Mall PR staff told reporters that fewer and fewer big brands now participate in the sale, the mall has been "stop sale activities. The price adjustment of less than six months, twice in fact, some luxury goods in 2011 has twice raised prices, and are within six months. As March LV20011 years has been in the overseas market prices, the uniform increase of 5%. Cartier sales staff also confirmed the price adjustment in the July 1, 2011, Cartier, price adjustment in the range of 8-20%. But as early as March 17, 2011, Cartier has been raised over a price increase of 5-10%. According to reporter understanding, luxury brands every year, twice raised the retail price, uniform increase of about 5%. And practices, some of the luxury price adjustment interval is short and Jinliang Cheng or look different usual. Luxury grab run tariff lowered the prices of luxury brands behavior, to coincide with the outflow of import tariffs will be reduced by the net rumors. Therefore, luxury goods major advances in the retail price of the industry as an international big shot ahead of the desire to maintain high-end image. Ouyang Kun, the World Luxury Association China chief representative, told the media, luxury goods in general will be in front of the new listed prices, but this price increase from the beginning continued to the present, do not rule out taking into account the tariff will drop, which may be a luxury a strategy of the brand. Industry are generally thought to lower import tariffs, the luxury brand's retail price is bound to have a more substantial downturn due to fears so will domestic brand to narrow the interval, lost to the brand's high-end, so luxury brands ranging from tax cuts first began to rise, and hope to make up for the import tariff reduction brought commodity prices down through price increases. Depreciation of the euro is one of the reasons. The World Luxury Association report released in Beijing on June 9 think that the depreciation of the euro will speed up the prices of luxury global brands of high-value image, in order to save, chanel 2011. In addition, the luxury prices emboldened was considered the rising cost of sales, from the Chinese luxury consumer force. Expected in 2012, the Chinese luxury goods will be increased to more than $ 14.6 billion, surpassing Japan as the world's largest consumer of luxury goods. Luxury goods every year price surge, the price has doubled in five years, a lot of brand. Some users take Dior's a package for example, six years ago, the price is 14,000 yuan, the price after the recent price adjustment of $ 2.5 million, up $ 1.1 million.

gucci discount in the earthquake or disease kills the childre

Tianjin held a charity tasting luxury brand full debut
April 6 "drink to forget who dug the well" luxury charity tasting will be offered in the Hexi District, North-South 1st Street (Cade MALL Tianjin Bay), activities will continue until April 9. The event is organized by Shanghai HNA Priority Club, I odd will be jointly organized. Including Hermes, GUCCI, the PRADA, BV, BURBERRY, COACH, ARMANI, MIUMIU achieve miraculous FENDI repeatedly, the BOSS, D, & G,, the LV, Estee Lauder and other international first-tier luxury brands will participate in charitable goods Kam will be category involves clothing, bags, perfume, skin care, 100 % authentic quality, price 4 fold. Luxury Charity Tasting aimed at luxury auction, charity in the form to raise money to fund the charity schools in the earthquake or disease kills the children of the parents or family labor, and poverty-stricken pastoralists children. "Boundless love" is the common belief of each HNA, as one of the organizers, HNA Priority Club converging through every little love love to help children realize their dreams. The event is the strong support of Yushu in Qinghai Province Connan Primary School, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Bohai lease, shipping Tianjin, Tianjin Airlines, daily express, Bohai prone Bohai remittance, Bohai factoring and other units, discount gucci bags.
Tianjin mall the suitcases sales gradually heated color luggage significant personality
Summer luggage sales of the major shopping malls, Tianjin is gradually heated, unlike in previous years, this summer, new listings bags to break the traditional bags of black, olive green and monotonous plain, more colorful, personalized full.
Tianjin Industrial and Commercial Bureau on 15 enterprises bags and other leather products to expand the quality monitoring
Trade and Industry Bureau detect brand table Tianjin Industrial and Commercial Bureau in circulation for a nominal four provinces of Guangdong, Zhejiang, Hebei, Shanghai, 15 batches of leather products production and distribution of the 15 municipalities to carry out quality monitoring, including a batch of friction color fastness unqualified. The monitoring found that failure leather products, the business sector subjects distribution units have been ordered to stop selling, and in accordance with the law were dealt with. Consumers found that operators continue to sell substandard leather products, please call 12315 to report, industry and commerce authorities will be severely punished according to law.
Tianjin Industrial and Commercial Bureau to carry out quality testing subjects leather products all the standards
Recently, Tianjin Industrial and Commercial Bureau in circulation to nominal five provinces of Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, Tianjin, Shanghai, production and distribution of the 20 municipalities of 20 batches of leather products to carry out quality monitoring results showed that subjects the quality of the goods in all qualified, gucci discount. It is understood that the basis for the GB limited edition leather and fur hazardous substances and product standards "leather belt," purse "back bag and commodities to express commitment to quality, focusing on detection of the goods free formaldehyde, biodegradable harmful aromatic amines dyes, material identification, quality and appearance, sewing requirements and other quality indicators. The results show that the seized leather products quality indicators through this monitoring.

ud, Ming Although the price reduction, but in fact, low authentic gucci purses

Good leather market for sales of exported shoes or warmer
Into May, although the industry is still in the doldrums, but the board room of the Chinese footwear industry - Guangzhou has quietly entered a new round of development of export development sandals, the domestic development of winter shoes. People in the industry understand that development is essential for the survival of the shoe, leather stalls for the same significance to the shoe factory development sample, designer leather stalls to buy the kind of leather, it means that the stalls in the second half of the business is rewarding, because the leather used in shoe factory development in which stalls to buy, to own bigger and goods, the preferred model for the purchase of leather stalls. "Recently, more customers to our stall to cut the template, the main domestic customers, but for export also began a little confidence the" Leehom leather manager Mr. Lin Zhiqiang said. The financial crisis reap the full blown global financial tsunami. Late last year, the export business of Guangzhou Shoes City is subject to the full impact of the Russian market to combat. Guangzhou Shoes City trading companies and stalls, Russia has been very large and strong market, but the financial crisis, the Russian national economy hit by the market demand is shrinking. Overall decline in the global economic situation, the overall market decline in demand, making the Chinese enterprises overcapacity situation is gradually exposed. From last September to the first half of this year, full-blown stage of market issues, mainly: First, the Guangzhou station west the high cost of land zone, there have been office buildings, stalls closed, the location is good stalls do not top hand The fee can not be rented out. Leather stalls overall decline in business, the original one month at least be able to sell the 50,000-foot skin stalls sales of less than 20,000 feet. Second, the domestic market also began to be affected by a drop in demand; leather prices began to fall, sheepskin and leather prices fell by an average of 1 yuan to 2 yuan / CF; Fourth part of the small market stall, the lack of new products, the loss of old customers seen new customers to come, a lot of leather forced to withdraw from the market. Buried by the financial crisis risks of an outbreak of the process, only when problems are exposed, the market turnaround will come. Leather material prices began to fall from September last year, the world market, cow, sheep Phi billet prices dropped significantly, up to a drop of more than 50%, however, in that leather prices will fall when the price of leather has been no loose , especially the domestic leather prices remain strong. Guangzhou market, cowhide, sheepskin prices began to adjust to the end of December last year, shrinking market demand, the average decline of about 0, gucci authentic handbags.5 yuan to 1 yuan per foot. The first half of this year, the price of leather to further adjust, especially foreign leather prices fell, the maximum decrease of 2 yuan / CF, thus affecting the pattern of domestic leather market. I recently visited Guangzhou leather markets found that the traditional shoe with leather, sheepskin prices loose, some of the stalls mouth, although there is no price reduction, but in fact to reduce the price by increasing the size and other methods. At the same time, the market part of the bad faith of fraud, Ming Although the price reduction, but in fact, lower prices at the same time, secretly yet the size of a standard lower, such as the original Paul 95 size, may now be only 90 size. From the current market supply and demand, the leather facing pressure to cut prices, mainly because of the lack of market demand, "the first half of this year, basically no new customers, some of the old customers rarely come, and now doing good business to do. market demand was not as good as in previous years, while the decline in the price of raw hides, finished leather in the second half of the price also face downward pressure. "Liu said of the Eastern leather. The special leather face greater pressure on the traditional upper leather is cowhide, sheepskin, as well as some special leather such as crocodile skin, snake skin, ostrich skin, skin, fur and other special leather. Special leather, with leather to use, to satisfy people's pursuit of personalized and aesthetic. For example, from 2005 to 2007 the active trading market snake skin, skin, crocodile skin, fur, and now basically quiet down. Foreign high-end alligator "We launched this year, sales are not ideal, many people ask, but a price and never looking back, and now the market for high value products, the ability to accept than in previous years, authentic gucci purses." Send leather Miss Liu said. I discovered that at the Guangzhou station west of the major leather markets visited mainly engaged in the skin, snake skin of the stalls has gone, operating fur stalls from 30 to home, now down to less than 10 home. Active development of winter shoes business in the first half of this year is disappointing, but from April onwards, the domestic sales fall and winter shoes, export sandals development has been in full swing. Guangzhou station west of the major shoe market, we see the flow of people is really different from the past, shoe factory in the early shuttle development materials in each shoe market to find developers, but it does not seem affected by how much impact. Shoe factories or traders, others can be temporarily put aside, but development must not be careless, the development also lost the most important chance of survival. "For now, though we sell a large cargo is not ideal, but the old customers come to us to sell leather to engage in development, but not much change, as well as many new clients come to us Shears." Eastern Leather Liu said the manager. "We are mainly engaged in high-grade leather men's casual, although the overall market situation is not very good, but the leather development efforts this year did not detract from, almost every month of the new model out, and now to us to cut the leather developers who need more than the end of last year. customers reflect them to traders that they develop more model and I think the second half of the business may pick up because the export almost fell to the bottom, there should be in the second half of rebound, although domestic growth is not fast, but still growing. "Leehom leather manager Mr. Lin Zhiqiang said.

ing the procedures to handle the w authentic gucci wallets

Rules for the Implementation on the International Trade City District expire commercial spaces to handle the new one using the procedures
In accordance with the spirit of the circular on the International Trade City District expire commercial spaces to handle the new one using the procedures, in order to secure the implementation of the maturity providers of the new one using the procedures to handle the work, formulated the implementation details: First, apply for Object International Trade City District expired five-year period by directional arrange-bit and bidding to place the original agreement the right to use, using the period ended October 27, 2009 to 2012 December 31, 2010 (a total of 1161 days ). , Commercial use fee, by directional arrangement in directional arrangement bit user fees according to the original agreement user fees to determine, authentic gucci wallets. Provider fee calculation formula: ① The provider digit year fee = per square meter of the original agreement user fees × providers area ② providers use fees = place user fees × 1161 ÷ 365 days (one year of 365 days the same below), bidding suppliers bidding suppliers bit user fees in 2008 and 2009 paid-to place user fees on the basis of a whole stood at 20%. Bags, hardware tools and accessories two industries for the same industry in fall 10% F, G two blocks G District bidding to place annual use fee increase. Rate to fall after the commercial spaces of user fees, such as below the floor-directional arrangements to place the fee arrangements directed to the same floor to place user fees to determine. Provider fee calculation formula: ① G zone bags, hardware tool accessories commercial spaces annual fee = 08,09 years of paid use fee per square meter × Manufacturers area × (1-30%) providers use fees = commercial spaces annual use fee × 1161 ÷ 365 days ② other bidding suppliers annual fee = 08,09 years of paid per square meter area of ​​the use fee × providers × (1-20%) providers using fee = provider bit annual use fees x 1161 days ÷ 365 days, type II drawing of lots eligible to obtain field Street place, were calculated according to the commercial spaces of different components of the original fee, directed arrangements for billing part of the directional arrangement of the original agreement user fees to determine the billing part of the successful average price, determined by bidding to place float downward the amount of the annual use fee. The original annual fee (6.75u × 2382 yuan / u) + (field Street Type I providers area-6.75u) × the industry September 7, 2004 five years, won the bid average price. Various industries winning average price: umbrella -3981 yuan / u, luggage -5844 yuan / u poncho bag -3954, / u years. Commercial spaces use fee formula: providers fee = directed by the successful use of average price billing part fee arrangement billing part of the user fees the use of billing part of the directional arrangement fee + = directional arrangement per square meter of the billing part of the annual use fee × 6.75u × 1161 ÷ 365 days of the successful part of the user fees of the average price billing: F field Street commercial spaces: Winning the average price of charging some fee = 08,09 years paid-winning average price billing part of every square meter × (Street providers to place area-6.75u) × (1-20%) x 1161 days ÷ 365 days, District G, the luggage industry: the successful average price billing part of the user fees = 08 2009 paid-up won the bid average price billing part of every square meter use fees x (commercial area-6.75u) × (1-30%) x 1161 days ÷ 365 days four, bidding suppliers in 2008 and 2009 real income commercial spaces annual fee and the calculation of the dealer grants 1,2008,2009 year paid-bit years of user fees: (1) (F area), bags (F area) hardware tools accessories, and other industries user fees according to the original agreement user fees fall 10%, stood at 10% utilization fee per square meter is lower than the same area per square meter of the same industry sector for two years of the bidders an agreement the minimum annual fee , according to the same region and industry sector for two years of the bidders an agreement the minimum annual use fee per square meter to determine. Formula: a protocol per square meter costs × (1-10%) per square meter of the same sectors Year bidders an agreement the minimum annual fee greater than the same region, 08 and 09 paid-up annual fee = agreement per square meter of user fees × (1-10%) b, protocol use fee per square meter x (1-10%) less than or equal to the same region in the same industry category two new bidders an agreement per square meter minimum annual use fees, 08,09 of paid fees in the same region in the same industry category two of the bidders an agreement per square meter, the minimum annual fee (2) (G area) luggage (G zone), hardware tools and accessories industry suppliers on the basis of the above rate to fall 10% stood at 20% per square meter costs fall 20% lower than the same region in the same industry category, such as year tender providers a new round of agreements per square meter minimum annual fee, according to the same region in the same industry category two years of bidders new one agreement to determine the minimum annual use fee per square meter. Formula: a, protocol per square meter costs × (1-10%) × (1-20%) than the same region with the industry sector for two years of the bidders an agreement per square meter minimum annual fee , 08,09 paid-up fee = protocol per square meter x (1-10%) x (1-20%), the agreement per square meter x (1-10%) × ( 1-20%) less than or equal to the same region a new round of agreements with the two sectors of the bidders minimum annual use fee per square meter, 08,09 years of paid-use fees in the same region of the same industry sector for two years bidders an agreement minimum annual use fee per square meter. Two grants: (1) The formula is: grants = (protocol year of the annual use fee -08,09 real user fees) × 2 (2) agreement user fees are less than or equal to the same region in the same industry category for two years per square meter of the bidders an agreement the minimum annual use fee, not grants. 3, II market industry-year tender providers a new round of agreements per square meter minimum annual use fee sectors per square meter minimum annual use fee ($) industry sector minimum annual use fee per square meter ($) poncho · Bag 3232 umbrella 3389 F District luggage Area 5018 G bags 4014 Electrical Products 4347 locks 4880 F District hardware tool accessories 5784 G District Hardware tool accessories 4672 car class 3790 5595 3689 Telecommunications Equipment Hardware Kitchen & Bath 6505 small appliances electronic instrumentation 4680 watch 4237, commercial use of fees and other expenses to pay a directional arrangement providers (including field Street commercial spaces), user fees in the first sexual intercourse in the signing of the agreement and type II by drawing lots qualifications achieved. Bidding suppliers-bit signed an agreement to pay user fees on December 31, 2011, 2012 use fee paid before the end of November 2011. 3, the performance bond: Type I or Type II business to pay 3000 yuan entire original performance bond arrived to pay the current round of the use of a performance bond. 4, property management fees: per square meter of 2.78 yuan per month to receive property management fees for 2009 exempted from (according to the company's market development arrangements, waive 2009 property management fees, charged into the property in 2010 management fee). Six, business management implementation and management of the supplier of Yiwu International Trade City the right to use the transfer, sublet regulations, the same nature of commercial spaces. Handle a bit of time, place 1, the processing time on November 19, 2009 8:30-16:30: 3rd Floor Business. AM: kitchen hardware, small appliances, commercial spaces. Afternoon: telecommunications equipment, electronic instrumentation - photographic equipment, watchmaker bit. 8:30-16:30: November 20, 2009, on the second floor commercial spaces. Morning: F District, hardware tools, accessories, locks, electrical products, car class commercial spaces. Afternoon: G District hardware tools and accessories supplier. 8:30-16:30: November 21, 2009, on the first floor commercial spaces. Morning: F District, bags, ponchos, bags of commercial spaces. Afternoon: G bags, umbrellas chandler, authentic gucci handbags. Location for: Meihu Stadium West Gate on the 17th. Handle the way information and payment must bring their Notes 1, apply the approach: Eligible applicants object to apply to apply the protocol to use after examination and approval procedures. ① apply for a lead sheet. Fat returns window to receive a provider use of procedures for the declaration form, fill in correctly. ② audit. Prepare all the necessary information in the audit window to submit the returns to audit, the audit agreed to retrieve the return receipt. ③ payment. Based on the specific amount in the settlement on the bank promissory notes issued by the statements, return receipt to the bank window at the scene to handle the cost of pay procedures. The ④ contract. With return receipt, the identity card signed and receive commercial spaces Agreement safety responsibility and payment of invoices. Handle must bring their information handling are required to carry "of compensation for the use agreement," International Trade City commercial spaces, commercial card, the performance bond receipts, statements of the providers use fees, inch 2, the original and a copy of my ID card a; also with a power of attorney (handled by signature by the client), trustee identity and the original copy and the client a copy of the ID card, need to use the right of human enterprise with the official seal. 3, payment notified to invited business households bank promissory notes, issued by the Bank to the scene to complete the formalities. (Provider user fees specific amount of detailed supplier user fees settlement provider of single and International Trade City area block column user fees inventory due November 21 for the Saturday, the banks do not handle promissory note business, business operators issued by bank draft in advance.) bank promissory notes receivable: Zhejiang China Commodities City Group Co., Ltd.. Nine other 1,2007 October 27th to October 2009, 26 self-bidding place grants for the current round of use of procedures to be fulfilled, arrived to pay in a new round of user fees has apply for transfer, sublet procedures for bidding for commercial spaces do not enjoy the benefits. 2, the quotient of the integrity of civilization points deduction is bit, the integrity of the Yiwu International Trade City civilized business integration regulations. Behavior, against the market order will depend on the seriousness of the commercial spaces of the parties to delay the new round of protocol procedures for handling up to recover the provider the right to use. Operating households in time for a new round of agreements to use procedures within the specified time, late at your own risk. Tel :0579 -85,188,166 85,188,188 Conditions Zhejiang China Commodities City Group Co., Ltd. responsible for the interpretation. Zhejiang China Commodities City Group Co., Ltd. on November 17 by 2009

gucci for sale ial prices, loans, and environmental compliance

Chinese manufacturing are struggling to shrink precursor
Lighter factories in Wenzhou the Xingfeng Smoking Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Winfire), as the Ministry of Foreign Trade Manager Hannah Sun do not need to look at economic data, China's manufacturing industry is currently struggling. Earlier this year, a large customer abroad, taking into account the global economic uncertainty, not to the company under the new order, forcing this lighter factory has over 100 employees to lay off 40 to come. Hannah Sun said: "shoe situation is even worse this time in previous years, they are usually very busy season, but this year many shoe factories stop production altogether, many migrant workers are laid off, only to go home." A few million home the Xingfeng Smoking factories are subject to the costs continued to rise, labor shortages, margins and sharp drop in overseas orders and other factors fully extruded. Government to implement the policy, together with some demographic and economic factors is difficult to change, resulting in the low-end production is increasingly difficult to maintain, many small manufacturing companies to the point of no longer operating. November China's official Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) shows that this trend is national: the gross domestic product (GDP) accounted for about 50 percent of the manufacturing sector for nearly three years to the first contraction. From 51.4 in October fell to 49.0, released on Thursday November PMI fell below 50 the dividing line between expansion and contraction. New orders and new export orders index indicates that the situation will deteriorate, the factory has been in downsizing, reducing purchases of raw materials and production. Standard Chartered Bank (Standard Chartered) Greater China research director Stephen Green, Stephen Green, saying, "China's Purchasing Managers' Index clearly convey such a message: the Chinese manufacturing sector overall contraction is deepening. Manufacturing landslide, is the most obvious reason is the decline in global demand, especially in the troubled European economies, the decline in demand. Dongguan the Lok Kai Anji Leather Co., Ltd, gucci for sale. (Luca Angelo Leather Product), general manager Liu Daosong said David Liu, Yue Kai Anji exports to Europe fell as much as 40 percent in the last two months, in the domestic market, although the order conditions are good, but the cost is rising. Supplier requires immediate payment, which increases the financial cost, "said Liu Daosong. Bank is strict control of loans to SMEs, I have many of my friends are considering cuts. "Liu Daosong words highlighted in China's coastal manufacturing industry has been the" world factory "and famous with many low-tech products manufacturing enterprises are facing a series of long-term challenge. Orders continued to decline, many companies are faced with raw material prices, loans, and environmental compliance costs and rising labor costs and other issues. The Chinese government has consistently implement to promote the policies of the manufacturing sector climbed along the value chain, and vigorously to prevent the state-owned banking system lending to Xingfeng Smoking this small scale, low-tech manufacturers. However, the vast majority of manufacturing enterprises in China are still living in low-end industries such as textile and the like, rising costs and difficulty in obtaining loans led to the many manufacturing companies are slowly being stifled, rather than along the technology ladder to climb, .

DELSEY work together to build the brand b

The DELSEY open tour of the century
Era door mall in Beijing on August 21, the historic luggage brand DELSEY launched a "peace of mind Ambassador activities of the Beijing Railway Station, and a grand launch of the unique ST security zipper patented technology. The DELSEY spokesman said that this event aims to promote its excellent products and unique production process and technology, and allow more users to have the products have many advantages to the majority of Chinese consumers. The industry believes that this action also means DELSEY China-centric marketing strategy has already started. It is understood that the DELSEY work together to build the brand by Delahaye and Seynhaeve brothers both sides founder was born in 1946. Over the years, DELSEY from the global fashion center in France has led the international trend of luggage products. From the first installation of the first in the box with two wheels and the first movable luggage compartment to the trunk of the PP material into the market, and then successfully removed the metal frame, and the launch of the new one piece of luggage products, DELSEY in innovation on the road never pause. China to enable consumers a clearer understanding of the unique advantages of its luggage products, the DELSEY not only the luggage product innovation achievements over the years with his right, but also a grand launch of its global proprietary ST security zipper technology (the ZIP SECURI TECH). The DELSEY side, the practical and aesthetic point of view, as well as meet and even exceed customers' desire to always adhere to the goal. A the DELSEY unique ST security zipper patented technology, for example, it ensures that the the DELSEY have other products do not have the security. The statistics show that in the event of zipper is not strong enough, the thief forced open the luggage, or even just an ordinary pen, you can easily open most of the luggage zipper. In view of this situation, and always will be to ensure the safety of consumers as their own responsibility DELSEY special ST security zipper patented technology into the production process of the bags. The zipper technology not only lightweight environmentally friendly materials, so that the zipper is more flexible, and unique security technology to eliminate the possibility of theft, to ensure the security worries of the journey. Not only that, add the ST security zipper bags in this innovative technology also does not give consumers cause too much incidental. An ownership of the technology bags about 70 cm price increase than the ordinary zipper dozens of yuan, gucci authentic bags. The zipper is just less than 100 grams of weight, making it not only in terms of cost and not a lot of the increase, but also makes the bags more lightweight and safe. The Delsey new conference, the vice president of China International Travel Service Co., Ltd, . Mr. Liu Wuxiong has been selected as the the Delsey Beijing Station of the "peace of mind Ambassador, Delsey also CITS strategic intention to cooperate to reach agreement The two sides will work together to provide consumers a safe and enjoyable travel experience.

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erally recognized, according to the law authentic gucci

The leather of the "pseudo-foreign brands touted huge profits at play
Reporters visited the leather goods market, and indeed many companies brands are marked with foreign names, from the ease of the spread angle of Chinese and foreign brands, a foreign name from the understandable and necessary. However, no retroactive for the brand into the "foreign history", and sing false "foreign history" event in publicity by increased commodity prices, is a typical fraud. False foreign brands everywhere reporters in a renovated upscale shops readily pick up a handbag and found that the labels above are written throughout in English, there is not even a Chinese character, cost-effective RMB thousand dollars, sales staff insisted that, all around the store from France, raw materials, also from France. But according to the experience of reporters has long been engaged in the leather industry, leather goods are mostly sold in Guangzhou from the major production base in Guangdong Province. And truly international brand and will not be the same like the "fake foreign brand" secretive in order to strengthen the propaganda of international brand image, they will be marked in the two languages, such as Gucci, Armani, Louis Vuitton. Reporters from the Internet to a "trademark agent" When he learned that reporters do a leather goods business, and want to register an Italian trademark, the company Wang enthusiasm for reporters, said: "This is absolutely no problem, as long as you provide the company's business license from the foreign brand names, company (short company) registered in Italy, within two months, assurance can be through the official testing. "" can also be registered in the United States, France, the UK, these are stylish godfather of the land , but according to different countries, the price is not the same U.S. company 8000 yuan, 10,000 yuan of British companies, French companies 12,000 yuan, 11,000 yuan of Italian companies, "Wang continued," Indeed, the domestic-known leather goods brand known for not more than can be called derived, may also be so registered in a foreign country, they are abroad and there is no entity, no one knows better than to the side to go throwing money at people also want into our registration this trademark, the price of your product at least as can be improved three times, so the value of the long term, to spend this money. "for the operation of the whole, the reporter said it is not clear specifically how to operate. Wang gave reporters Weapon: a company registered in foreign countries first, and then take a foreign language trademarks, then start the production of bags, and then large scale, recruit sales agents, such as strength and then a bit more powerful, you can open own stores, specialty shop. The temptation of huge profits when the 10% profit, they will be just around the corner; when 50% profit, they will take the risk; when 100% profit, they dare to trample on human laws; when profits reached 300% when they dare to take the danger of the gallows. This is known as Engels famously. "Da Vinci" price and quality of the furniture door event last year, this "pseudo-foreign brands face no longer exist once the brilliant branded" fraud "word on the instant, become grim, but also to this "grafting" into a piece of consumer fraud exposure. Jia Jia dream home textiles such as reported by the Italian government agency, it has been claimed from Italy, and clearly marked on the trademark of Italian words, a mattress price as high as 34,000 yuan, also known as the mattress retails for € 6,000, compared with Italian car is also expensive. According to the Intellectual Property Division of the Italian Trade Commission Beijing studio staff, the price of real high-end brand-name mattresses in Italy but not more than 600 euros, less than 1/10. A senior leather boss told reporters that the reason why the "pseudo-foreign brands will flock now, mainly due to the lure of huge profits. Such as a domestic full-leather ladies bags, ordinary selling price in the market also about 400 yuan, and marked with the concept of foreign brands, craftsmanship, pure foreign origin, the product will be able to flex its muscles ", easily a few thousand dollars and only "a mere trifle. It is reported that 10 years ago, the false foreign brands more likely under a little effort, at least in Italy, rent a small facade, design a store to make it look good, simply dispense with these problems, only to register a trademark in a foreign country, production and sales in the country, many companies through the dozens of walking a fine line to earn high profits. Investment Advisor in Senior Fellow Xuesheng Wen said in an interview with reporters, "pseudo-foreign brands" final point is the lack of our own brand and regulatory environment is too loose, and the last of the real victims are the image of the government and consumers' interests, authentic gucci. ■ link domestic crackdown without a break into a routine Admittedly, 15 years, self-protection awareness of Chinese consumers continue to enhance the rights effectiveness continue to appear. According to latest statistics show that of the National Consumers Association organizations at all levels, in 2011, China at all levels of the Consumers Association received a total of 600,000 consumer complaints, down 8.9%, 570 000, for consumers to recover economic losses of 800 million yuan, an increase of 19.1%. However, another fact is: The 2011 survey shows that 63.817% of survey respondents face of the legitimate rights and interests are infringed upon, select the "suffer in silence", the "Silence of the Lambs". From waste oil, poisonous rice, the staining bread, real estate "fine fitting", "Da Vinci" furniture to the high imitation bags, cottage Nike disclosed by the CCTV show Carrefour, McDonald's, from the little-known small workshop international top 500 enterprises, service exposure of a variety of products in question as much as the secret seems to have become "business as usual. Especially the last two years, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and other international big set up a special anti-counterfeiting group, crack down on illegal business. However, more than a decade, China's leather industry counterfeiting, selling fake still eroding the market like a "cancer". Why crackdown played so many years, there are so many Dabu Wan false? China Consumers' Association, vice president of Judicial Conciliation, consumers face the biggest problem is the rights in the field of leather goods, real estate, cars, online shopping, financial, consumer and other more difficult, the cost of rights, sometimes the recovery of a chicken, too kill a cow. " Rights process, consumers are still faced with hard evidence, put in hard, difficult to investigate and deal with difficult litigation, compensation is difficult and many other issues. The high cost of rights of consumers, businesses illegal low cost. At present, the implementation of the Consumer Protection Act is the principle of double compensation. According to the statistics of the China Consumers' Association, after winning the Chinese consumer rights, compensation in each case an average of more than 700 yuan; the United States consumers in every case awarded $ 350,000 each case the amount of compensation in China more than 3700 times, "despite different national conditions, but compensation levels were significantly low." it is generally recognized, according to the law is certainly important, however, more critical is to be done strictly enforced. Cai Wei, Shanghai Jiaotong University Vice-Chancellor suggested that the terms of the "illegal ban on industry should be established to effectively crack down on crime and illegal businesses, the real way to" severely punish the heavy penalties "to establish legal authority. He said that illegal enterprises to be punished to the bankrupt, once illegal can not be second to enter the industry. ■ appeal to hold high the intellectual property rights banner CD integrity side stand the scrutiny of the essence, the market economy rules of the game contract, the contract is based on integrity. Business Integrity is actually a specification of the behavior of the market economy "invisible" hand, gucci authentic. Sadly, many businesses are making use of the wrong information of buyers and sellers, or coercion, or fraud, not only the interests of consumers have suffered damage, but also in virtually trampled the spirit of the contract, undermining the commercial integrity. The illegal profit of the business is temporary, but the destruction of trust between merchants and consumers is a far-reaching, it is difficult to recover. The one hand, consumers are unlikely to find the consumer a sense of security; the other hand, some industries due to the individual behavior of unscrupulous businessmen and loss of consumers' collective sense of trust. Perfect Chun Bag Co., Ltd. Chairman Deng Ye-ming insisted, the only real origin of the integrity of the brand history in order to withstand the scrutiny, in order to ultimately obtain recognition and favor of the consumer. Be seen from the above case, intellectual property issues has been promoted to the contradictions, the most important for the domestic market can no longer be neglected.